CalyFx has also studied the various terpenes and how those terpenes effect the strain and their medicinal benefits. Then we amplify those compounds including the terpenes that work to create super strains for specific effects. We only use full-spectrum or brood spectrum as our base because we believe all 1400 elements are important and create an entourage effect. All of our strains are 100% plant-based. We never use PG or VG or any type of filler. If it does not come from the plant it does not belong in your body.

Then to make our strains easy to understand we named our super strains for their effect. Shape is derived from strains that control appetite and rebalance the gut. Social is from the strains that help with worry , Energy is from strains that help with natural energy, Relief is from strains that help with pain and inflation. Chill is from strains that help to relax and Focus is from the strain to quiet the noise. Sleep is from the strains that quiet the mind. And finally, Sex yes there are strains that help with blood flow and sensuality, and Libido.
Calyx super strains are available in Vapes, Tinctures, Topicals, and Beverages. CalyFx super strains can also include , CBG, , and Delt 8 and 10.